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LifeStyles 2.0 Member Expectations and Regulations

While the Valley Health LifeStyles team is excited to be reopening our doors and welcoming everyone back, we understand that it will not be business as usual. We have implemented a number of new processes and changes throughout the facility, which may continue to evolve throughout the various reopening phases. The health and safety of our members and staff is our top priority, and each of us will play an important role in making each visit a safe and comfortable experience for all

To ensure compliance with all applicable laws, executive orders, and CDC guidance and to set clear expectations for both LifeStyles and its members, the Terms and Conditions of Center Membership and Rules, Regulations and Center Policies have been amended to include the following during the COVID-19 pandemic. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we work through this time together.

  • If Members choose to resume their membership and/or participate in any LifeStyles program (collectively, “LifeStyles Activities”), Members are required to review and sign a COVID-19 Waiver and Release of Liability form before participating in any such LifeStyles Activities.


  • Members are required to comply with a COVID-19 screening process (including a temperature check) upon entering the Health & Wellness Center (“Center”).

  • Members may be asked to check-in and checkout of the facility in order to help us meet any mandated occupancy guidelines. This will be a touch-free process so you will no longer be required to type in your membership code.

  • Members will be asked to comply with a “Clean-In – Clean-Out” process.  Members are expected to sanitize their hands upon entering and exiting LifeStyles, and repeat sanitization liberally during exercise sessions.

  • Members are expected to comply with any mandated occupancy restrictions, which will be posted in the designated spaces (e.g., group exercise rooms, locker rooms, fitness floor, track, free weight area, and gymnasium).

  • Members are expected to comply with physical distancing requirements and adhere to all posted signage and spacing restrictions.

  • Members are required to wear masks in all common areas of the Center and LifeStyles (including during exercise) except while in the water or where doing so would inhibit the member’s health and/or pose a risk to the member’s safety.

  • Members are required to wipe down equipment before and after each use; sanitation stations with wipes and disinfectant spray will be provided.

  • Fitness floor etiquette will be enforced by staff; equipment will be spaced, unplugged, or marked unavailable in order to facilitate physical distancing. Use of 30-minute time limits will be placed on the use of cardiovascular equipment during peak hours, if necessary. Pool lap lane time limits will be enforced as well.

  • Members engaged in high-intensity exercise will be directed to designated sections of the fitness floor in order to minimize airborne droplet distribution.

  • For the safety of our Members and staff, towel service will be temporarily suspended. Please bring a towel for personal use.

  • There will be “Members only” access at this time.  No guests allowed by guest pass or paid visits.

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