The Medical Fitness Difference

LifeStyles is a medically supervised fitness center that focuses on the prevention and treatment of disease, illness and injury through regular participation in physical activity, disease management and health education. 


LifeStyles provides:

  • A continuum of care for members/patients

  • Improved outcomes for members/patients with chronic diseases and multiple risk factors

  • Medical oversight of programming and policies

  • Blend professional fitness and healthcare staff

  • Programs and services to meet the needs of an aging population as well as families and special needs groups

  • Personal approach to exercise assessment and exercise prescription

The Medical Fitness difference includes:

  • Qualified staff of degreed and credentialed exercise specialists, licensed certified athletic trainers, registered dietitians and wellness experts

  • Clinical integration with other Valley programs and services

  • Hospital level of cleanliness, maintenance and capital improvement

  • Specialized wellness programs that promote a healthy lifestyle

  • Customer service and experience


The goals of medical fitness are diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitate and prevent. There is a growing mountain of evidence that states physical activity is key to the prevention and treatment of disease, illness and injury; slowing the progression of chronic disease; aiding in the recovery from illness or injury; building strength and endurance for healthier aging.


Identify chronic and lifestyle diseases and conditions.


With a foundation of “exercise is medicine,” using physical activity as a treatment prescription while clinically integrating therapy and physical fitness into a patient’s lifestyle.


Provide physical therapy or rehab services for acute injuries or disease states.


Identifying chronic disease risk factors and addressing them with individualized and group exercise and wellness programs.