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Patients scheduled for joint replacement and other procedures can get back to their active lives sooner thanks to The Valley Hospital’s pre-surgical physical conditioning program. Called prehabilitation, or “prehab,” the program enhances patients’ fitness levels and functional mobility before surgery, which can result in a faster and easier recovery.

Benefits of Prehab

Improved Strength

Optimal strength is important not only in preparation for rehabbing the joint but also for helping the rest of the body compensate for a lack of full-body function during recovery.

Improved Body Awareness/Mechanics

After surgery, patients must re-learn everyday movements, such as rising from chairs or moving from beds. Prehab teaches patients better body awareness and mechanics in preparation for such hurdles.

Improved Fitness Level

Boosting overall stamina and cardiovascular capacity can improve the rate of healing and recovery. It also can improve personal drive during rehabilitation, especially when the process is most grueling.

Improved Function

Prehab before total joint replacement has been shown to improve overall functional mobility (think walking and stair climbing). In addition, patients report less pain, better quality of life and more confidence after a prehab exercise program.

Program Components

Each patient’s prehab program is customized to his or her unique needs by our exercise physiologists and certified athletic trainers. A typical program includes:

  • Warm-up exercises

  • A cardiovascular component

  • Strengthening of key muscle groups, with an emphasis on range of motion and flexibility

  • Exercises to improve and preserve balance

  • Functional skills practice

  • Patient education

Start Today!

The sooner you begin prehab, the more benefits you’ll reap after your surgery. You’ll feel stronger, more flexible and better prepared to take on the challenges of your post-surgical rehabilitation program.

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