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Fitness Programs

Personal Training

Members are able to purchase one-on-one or small-group personal training sessions with a certified, experienced trainer. Coming soon, all new members will be offered a complimentary session in order to experience our personal training difference.

Group Classes

LifeStyles features a group exercise class for just about every interest including, but, not limited to: yoga, indoor cycling, pilates, step-aerobics, bars and bands, stability ball, and of course water aerobics and water resistance classes. New members will receive regular updates on the schedule for all programs. Registration is not necessary for most classes. 

LifeStyles is also excited to offer, for a fee, Pilates Reformers classes, which utilize the additional resistance of the pulley and spring system to further improve core strengthening and fitness.

Programs for Chronic Disease Prevention and Recovery

LifeStyles is integrated with Valley’s rehabilitation, sports medicine, and cardiac rehab programs located right at the Wellness Center.

Specialty programs include, but, are not limited to: AfterCare Fitness sessions for continued recovery after physical therapy, sports performance, cardiac rehab maintenance sessions for those who have completed a monitored program, and “prehab” sessions for those preparing for surgery and desiring to get a head-start on recovery.

Other programs include “Exercise as Medicine” for osteoarthritis, balance and fall-risk prevention, neuro-muscular disorders, post-concussion syndrome, and weight loss management.

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