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Member Success Stories!

Thinking of joining LifeStyles? Member Linda Strauss’s experience might just convince you.

When I joined LifeStyles, I was excited about the promise of a new gym, but I discovered much more than I could ever expect.

As soon as the gym opened, I was engaged and motivated. I loved going to the immaculate, well-designed facility with its rich array of fitness and wellness offerings. I participated in aqua aerobics, Pilates, total body conditioning, Zumba, and yoga classes. Because going to the gym was more delightful than a chore, I increased my workouts — the first thing I didn’t anticipate.

I also didn’t expect to find a uniquely supportive and friendly community — this too was a revelation at Lifestyles. It’s a caring place, from the front desk, to management, to many, many of its members. I feel we’re all invested in each other’s well-being, on lots of levels.

What made the most significant difference to me was the masterful expertise of the instructors — particularly the outstanding yoga teachers. With their inspiration and encouragement, I immersed myself in yoga and made the potentially life-changing decision to enroll in yoga teacher training myself!

All this from a gym that’s much, much more than a gym. It’s a place to flourish, to enjoy and to exceed your goals.


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