LifeStyles Group Fitness Classes

All classes are 50 – 55 minutes unless otherwise indicated.

Aqua Intervals

This class will challenge you with intervals of strength and cardio drills in the pool. Water equipment may be used to give you a great workout that is easy on the joints.


A fusion of callisthenic, bodyweight, plyometric, and resistance based exercises designed to blast calories and help you reach your goals. Bootcamp will emphasize proper form and progression for all exercises, while challenging your body through a series of intervals and circuits.  If you want to see results, Bootcamp is for YOU! 

Chair Yoga

This class is a gentle form of yoga utilizing a chair for support. Chair yoga allows greater flexibility and joint mobility while learning many yoga postures, breathing, and relaxation techniques found in a traditional yoga class. Great for beginners or anyone wishing to strengthen their body AND mind!

Core 30

A strong core is the foundation to every fitness program. Join us for this 30 minute class specifically designed to challenge your core strength and stability.

Flow Yoga

Students will build strength, flexibility, and concentration in a flowing practice that integrates both the body and mind. This class will incorporate both the dynamic style of Hatha yoga and also Vinyasa yoga which translates to “flow with breath”. Come relax and restore in

Gentle Yoga

Traditional yoga poses are modified and restorative in nature with the emphasis on a slower pace. Still designed to calm the spirit, focus the mind, and challenge your body. This class addresses strength, flexibility, balance, mindfulness, and is designed for all ages and physical abilities.

Group Cycle

Start pedaling and let go as your instructor takes you on a ride through intervals of various terrains.  You are in control of the bike’s resistance, making this non-impact class a great way to improve cardiovascular endurance for everyone.  (Class time: 45 minutes)

Hydro Rx

This class will use the properties of water resistance to get in shape while minimizing impact on the joints. Hydro RX is designed to improve strength, endurance, flexibility, and mobility. A great fit for all including beginners, seniors, and those looking for a low-impact workout option!

Interval Fusion

Come join us for our unique twist on interval training! This class will combine blocks of aerobic conditioning as well as periods of strength and endurance exercises. Our intervals will help build cardiovascular health, boost your metabolism, and burn calories. Class format will vary so expect the unexpected!  All fitness levels welcome!


Pilates Mat

Pilates Mat is a series of exercises which focuses on the “powerhouse” or core to develop strength, increase flexibility, improve posture and balance, as well as align the body and mind.

Total Body Conditioning

This fun and challenging total body workout will test your own personal level of strength and endurance. This class will constantly keep your body guessing by switching up exercises using a combination of weights, body bars, resistance bands, balls, steps,  and other equipment. Exercises can be modfied to accommodate any fitness level.


This dance fitness craze is inspired by Latin and international rhythms. No prior dance experience is necessary for this high energy and easy to follow workout. Ditch your traditional workout and join the party!​

Group Exercise Information and Etiquette:


  • Classes are subject to change. Please check the front desk for updates.

  • Class sizes may be limited for the safety of all participants.

  • Please check the class schedule to see which classes may require advanced registration.

  • Arrive early and let your instructor know if you are new to a group fitness class or if you have any injuries or limitations prior to your workout.

  • In order to prevent injury, please do not enter a class in progress after the warm-up has been completed or leave before properly cooling down.

  • Appropriate athletic wear is required. Proper closed athletic shoes are required for all classes EXCEPT mind/body and aqua classes.

  • Only clean, dry sneakers will be allowed in the group fitness studios.