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Membership Benefits

To maximize your membership and achieve your health and fitness goals, LifeStyles members receive the following as part of their membership.

Member Orientation

A one-hour session that provides members with information about LifeStyles, its different departments and the programs and services offered.

Fitness Assessment

Administered by a degreed exercise specialist, the fitness assessment is used to collect baseline information on present fitness levels and is used for follow-up to track and show progress. Re-assessment is recommended every 6 months to ensure that members are staying on track with their exercise prescription plan and achieving their goals, however members can also request additional assessments on an as-needed basis.

Exercise Prescription

Information collected during the fitness assessment is used by the degreed exercise specialist to develop a personalized exercise prescription plan for each member.

New Exercise Prescription Every 2–3 Months

To make sure exercise prescriptions are meeting members’ fitness goals, members are encouraged to take advantage of the degreed exercise specialist to review and adjust workouts.

Group Exercise Classes

Free with membership. LifeStyles group exercise classes are designed to help achieve your individual fitness and wellness goals. A degreed exercise specialist can review your file and recommend classes.

Current Members: Refer a family member or friend and reap the rewards! Click here for information about our member referral program.

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