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Spring 2023 

Small-Group Personal Training at LifeStyles

Fitness trends come and go, but one trend that continues to grow in popularity is small-group personal training. Traditional personal training typically involves a trainer working one-on-one with a client or partner training where one trainer works with two clients at the same time. Small-group personal training presents the opportunity to reap all the benefits of personal training but in small groups of five to six individuals. Small-group training has proven to provide more accountability, motivation, support, and an increase in camaraderie, resulting in success for individuals in the group. When individuals exercise in a group, they establish relationships and make friends, which helps to increase adherence to the exercise.

Do you find exercising alone tiresome, boring, and hard to stay motivated? Are you looking for new ways to achieve your fitness goals? Small-group training just may be the solution and help you reach your goals! Here at LifeStyles, we offer several small-group training sessions monthly, including TRX Training; HIITT Training; Balance, Strength, and Stretch; Glutes and Abs; Mind Body Medley; and more. Class sizes are limited, and small-group personal training rates apply. For more information on small-group training options here at LifeStyles, please contact the medical fitness manager at 201-316-8434.

Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga: Coming to LifeStyles Spring 2023 

Practicing yoga has proven to be extremely beneficial for both pregnant and postpartum women. Prenatal and postnatal yoga classes are designed specifically for pregnant women or those who have recently given birth. These classes focus on strengthening the muscles used during childbirth, relieving the aches and pains of pregnancy, increasing energy levels, and improving sleep, as well as promoting relaxation and stress relief.

Join LifeStyles yoga instructor Andrea Collier, certified in prenatal and postpartum yoga, who will guide you along the way and provide the tools to help you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally better during and after pregnancy.

For more information, please contact the medical fitness manager at 201-316-8434.

Pilates Reformer with Sharon Kaminski

Join LifeStyles personal trainer and certified Pilates instructor Sharon Kaminski for this private, semi-private, or small-group core-focused workout using the Pilates reformer. The reformer offers all the benefits of Pilates and more, including increased muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, coordination, and balance. This full-body workout will focus on low-impact exercises that will help develop a stronger core, tone your muscles, improve overall posture, and help correct muscle imbalances.

Join LifeStyles! No prior experience is necessary, and sessions are adaptable for all ages and fitness levels.

Triathlete Training Program at LifeStyles

The Valley Health LifeStyles Triathlete Training Program is a plan developed for triathletes, biathletes, and Ironman competitors of all skill levels, whether they are just starting to train for competition or are seasoned athletes looking for a guided program. The program consists of three to four workouts a week for swimming, running, and biking, with a goal of improving overall cardiovascular and aerobic endurance by utilizing interval training and heart rate zones. One-on-one swim coaching sessions consisting of technique and aerobic-based workouts will be provided by collegiate-level swimmers. Six- and eight-week programs are available for purchase. The six-week program targets overall conditioning. The eight-week program also focuses on conditioning but contains a taper phase that emphasizes race preparation and rest. The program is individualized and goal-orientated for each athlete. 


To register, visit the aquatics office, or contact Aquatics Manager Mike Lupo at 201-316-8435.

VO2 Max Testing at Valley Health LifeStyles

While we all feel like we have a good estimate of how good our cardiovascular conditioning is based on perception and resting heart rate, it can still be a great idea to get an exact measure of what we are capable of. This is of extra importance if you are training for a sport, an upcoming 5K, marathon, or triathlon. VO2 max (maximum volume of oxygen) testing measures exactly how much oxygen your body absorbs and uses during physical activity. With a better VO2 max, you know that your heart is pumping blood more efficiently and your muscles are getting the best amount of oxygen to perform the activity. Measured in milliliters of oxygen consumed in a minute per kilogram of body weight (mL/kg/min), it is considered to be the gold standard for measuring cardiorespiratory fitness.


Found typically in a doctor’s office or clinical research lab, Valley Health LifeStyles is proud to offer VO2 max testing on-site through The Valley Hospital Sports Institute. Once you have determined that VO2 max testing is right for you, you will make two appointments: one for your consultation to determine the right protocol for you and another for the actual test. On the day of the test, our trained exercise specialist will fit you with the appropriate face mask and disposable tube and take you through the predetermined protocol on a treadmill in a discreet room in the facility. After the test, your exercise specialist with review and explain your results and make personalized exercise recommendations. 


Call 201-389-0839 ext. 6 to set up your VO2 max testing and get the targeted results that you need to get to the next level of fitness.

Lifeguard Courses at LifeStyles

Do you have an interest in getting your feet wet as a certified lifeguard? LifeStyles aquatics department is introducing a lifeguard certification course offered through the American Red Cross. The course will teach water safety and critical lifeguarding skills, including how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED). The training will include hands-on skills that will be tested at the end of the course alongside a written test. To enroll in the course, participants must be at least 15 years old by the last day of class and complete a pre-course swimming evaluation. Upon completion of the course, the participant will receive an American Red Cross Life guarding/First Aid /CPR /AED certification, which is valid for two years and accepted nationwide.

To register, visit the aquatics office, or contact Aquatics Manager Mike Lupo at 201-316-8435.

Spring Challenge at LifeStyles

Coming this spring to LifeStyles is a new fitness challenge offered through the Mywellness app! This challenge will include our greatest scope of activity to date; nearly everything will count towards the goal. Be on the lookout for details on how and what you can win. Good luck!


“Prehab” Before Total Joint Surgery


While rehabilitation is essential in allowing a patient to regain function and quality of life following a total joint replacement surgery, pre-surgical physical conditioning – prehabilitation, or “prehab” – can hasten the healing process and help minimize the loss of function following surgery. Prehab is the process of enhancing the fitness level and functional capacity of patients before surgery, allowing them to withstand the stresses of surgery while preparing them for post-surgery realities, such as limited movement and rehabilitation. Patients who need joint replacement surgery are often eager to put the pain behind them and get back to a healthier, more active life. The prehab program at The Valley Hospital’s Medical Fitness Center is a key step in achieving this outcome sooner and with less discomfort.



A patient’s level of physical fitness, muscular strength, endurance, and joint range of motion have all been shown to affect outcomes after joint replacement surgery – particularly when it comes to minimizing atrophy and stiffness and returning to daily activities. Prehab addresses these factors to ensure patients are ready to move faster and with more ease after joint replacement. Prehab can benefit patients in many ways, including:


Improved strength: Muscle strength is important not only in preparation for rehabbing the joint but also for helping the rest of the body compensate for a lack of full-body function during recovery.


Improved body awareness and mechanics: After surgery, patients must re-learn everyday movements, such as rising from chairs or moving from beds. Prehab teaches patients better body awareness and mechanics in preparation for such hurdles.


Improved fitness level: Improving overall stamina and cardiovascular capacity can improve the rate of healing and recovery. It also can improve personal drive during rehabilitation, especially when the process is most grueling.


Improved function: Prehab before a total joint replacement surgery has been shown to improve overall functional mobility, such as walking, stair climbing, and getting in and out of bed and chairs. In addition, patients report less pain, better quality of life, and more confidence after a prehab exercise program.



If you’re scheduled for joint replacement surgery at The Valley Hospital, learn how a detailed prehabilitation program can help you get the most out of your procedure and recovery.  


Ask your physician or surgeon to be referred to the prehab program at The Valley Hospital’s Medical Fitness Center. To learn more, call 201-447-8133 to schedule a consultation, as well as information about program fees and hours.

New Member Welcome Orientation

Second Tuesday of every month, excluding July

All members are welcome to join one of our virtual orientations to the Valley Center for Health and Wellness via Zoom. Everything you need to know about making the most of your LifeStyles membership will be presented by our expert staff, along with a Q&A session with representatives from the clinical services located in the Wellness Center.

JOIN OUR ZOOM MEETING using this link:     Passcode: 11221

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