LifeStyles NEWS

Fall 2020 

LifeStyles: A Safe, Clean, Comfortable Experience

Valley Health LifeStyles has always been committed to providing a safe, reassuring medical fitness experience for our members, patients, guests, and staff. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, LifeStyles is recreating that experience with an even greater focus on safety and cleanliness. We have taken the following measures to assure that our entire facility represents the new medical fitness difference – Safety, Safety, and Safety.

  • All staff, members, and visitors entering the Valley Center for Health and Wellness and LifeStyles Fitness Center will be required to wear a mask and will undergo a temperature check and a CDC safety questionnaire.

  • We will utilize a “Touch Free” check-in process with infrared barcode scanners.

  • We will use hospital grade, EPA registered, CDC approved sanitizing and disinfecting solutions that kill 99.99 percent of bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. Our disinfection solution and program has also been approved in conjunction with The Valley Hospital Infection Control team.

  • We have state-of-the-art technology electrostatic sprayers:

    • The Victory Electrostatic Sprayer uses electrical charges to efficiently and evenly distribute disinfectant across the surface of given spaces and 360 degrees around the grips of equipment, allowing our staff to more efficiently disinfect the equipment throughout the day.

    • This highly effective technology is also used to regularly deep clean high priority areas throughout LifeStyles such as common areas, locker rooms, and rest rooms.

  • We will frequently sanitize high-touch surfaces like exercise equipment, door handles, stair railings, lockers, faucets, and more.

  • We will deep clean and disinfect locker rooms at midday and at closing time.

  • We have created a “Safety Ambassador” role where our own LifeStyles staff members will monitor the sanitization of equipment, member compliance with wiping down equipment before and after use, and enforce safe physical-distancing guidelines.

  • Our facility cleaning staff’s schedules have been updated to provide additional coverage throughout the day. They will be more highly visible and will be regularly sanitizing common areas, circulating hourly through locker rooms, and actively cleaning throughout LifeStyles during our hours of operation.

  • We have created “sanitizing stations” throughout the facility, which includes increasing the number of wall-mounted alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and adding sanitizing-wipes dispensers near all exercise equipment.

  • We have adapted a “Clean-IN, Clean OUT” policy for all LifeStyles staff, members, patients, and guests:

    • Everyone will be required to stop at a designated Hand Sanitizing Station upon entering LifeStyles while moving between exercise units, and when leaving through any doorway.

  • We are adjusting the fitness floor to ensure physical distancing between machines and we have also designated a specific area of the main fitness floor for high-intensity workouts.

Valley Health LifeStyles is a highly regarded S.A.F.E. (Safety, Accountability, Fortitude, Empathy) fitness center, providing the highest medical fitness industry and healthcare facility standards of care and customer service.

LifeStyles 2.0 Member Expectations


The Valley Health LifeStyles team is looking forward to reopening our doors and welcoming everyone back. However, it will not be business as usual, as there will be a number of new processes in place, in addition to some changes throughout the facility. The health and safety of our members and team members is our top priority, and each of us will play an important role in making each visit a safe and comfortable experience for all. Please help support a phased re-opening of LifeStyles by practicing the following guidelines that will help protect the well-being of our community. We appreciate your help and understanding as we work through this time together.

  • Members will be asked to check in and check out of the facility at the Front Desk in order to help us meet mandated occupancy guidelines. This will be a touch-free process so you will no longer be required to type in your membership code.

  • Members are required to wear masks in all common areas of the Center and LifeStyles (including during exercise) except while in the water or where doing so would inhibit the member’s health and/or pose a risk to the member’s safety.

  • Please be mindful of physical distancing and adhere to all posted signage and spacing restrictions.

  • Members will be required to wear masks in all common areas of the Center for Health and Wellness and LifeStyles. Members shall wear masks while working out, except where doing so would inhibit member’s health.

  • Wiping down equipment before and after each use will be required, and sanitation stations with wipes and disinfectant spray will be provided.

  • Fitness floor etiquette will be enforced by staff and equipment will be spaced, unplugged, or marked unavailable in order to facilitate physical distancing. Use of 30-minute time limits will be placed on the use of cardiovascular equipment during peak hours, if necessary.

  • Members engaged in high-intensity exercise will be directed to designated sections of the fitness floor in order to minimize airborne droplet distribution.

  • For the safety of our members and staff, towel service will be temporarily suspended. Please bring a towel for personal use.

  • Addendum to rules and regulations about following new safety procedures will be made available for members as a reference.

  • There will be “member’s only” access at this time. No guests will be allowed by guest pass or paid visits.

What’s New in Group Fitness Programming?

The Group Fitness Department has been “virtually open” for the last few months and we hope you have taken advantage of our LifeStyles at Home online library of classes. LifeStyles at Home will continue with both on-demand and live-streaming classes for you to take advantage of from home! As long as state guidelines permit us to hold group fitness classes, we will do so with a modified group fitness schedule. This new, modified schedule will be posted on our website prior to opening and may be adjusted weekly or monthly to meet volumes and demand. All class offerings will be consistent with governmental restrictions and guidelines and include the following:

  • Reservations may be required for all scheduled classes.

  • There will be a limited capacity for all Group Fitness classes and the appropriate number will be determined by the type of class and the location of the class.

  • Group fitness classes may be restricted to the gymnasium, the conference rooms, and may be held outdoors if appropriate.

  • Floor markers in class will designate safe spacing to ensure proper physical distancing.

  • Classes may be shorter in duration and may be spaced further apart to allow for sanitizing of equipment and controlling of volume and capacity in the locker rooms.

  • Members will be asked to use hand sanitizer before entering and exiting classes.

  • Designated areas for group fitness may remain closed and unavailable for use between classes to ensure the studio and all equipment is disinfected.

Safe Personal Training 

Our personal training team is excited to get back to work and provide this service while practicing safe physical distancing. As always, we will strive to provide our members and team members the best experience possible. This includes sanitizing and disinfecting all touch points throughout training areas. The LifeStyles personal training program will be consistent with governmental restrictions and guidelines and include the following:

  • All staff working with members will utilize sanitizing wipes and spray disinfectant on the equipment before and after working with clients.

  • Members will be asked to use hand sanitizer before starting and when finishing a session.

  • To protect members and team members, we will practice physical distancing of 10 feet during 1:1 and small group training sessions, eliminate any physical contact, and masks will be encouraged or required.

  • Training sessions may take place in designated areas such as the group fitness studios, the gymnasium, or may be done outdoors where appropriate to ensure physical distancing.

  • Studios may remain closed for use between personal training sessions to ensure the studio and all equipment is disinfected.

  • Pilates reformer will be offered 1:1 and in a small group format. To ensure physical distancing, reformers will be placed 10 feet apart.

LifeStyles 2.0 Aquatics Plan – Phase 1 

Valley Health LifeStyles Aquatics Team is excited to get back to work while practicing safe physical distancing. The Aquatics Team will strive to provide our members with the safest experience possible. According to the CDC, there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted through properly treated and maintained water. Valley Health LifeStyles will abide by all governmental guidelines and include the following phase 1 plan:

  • Staff and members must safely distance from one another while in the water and on the pool deck.

  • On deck showers are available and are required before entering the pool.

  • Whirlpool is CLOSED due to physical distancing concerns.

  • No pool equipment, such as kickboards, floats, noodles, etc. will be allowed in the water.

  • One swimmer per lane with a time limit of 30 minutes.

  • Four members permitted to use Leisure pool with time limit of 30 minutes.

  • Swim lessons and group exercise classes are suspended until further notice.

  • No children under the age of 13 will be permitted to use the Aquatics area. 

Member Services FAQ

We have received many questions from members regarding their membership agreement status and billing while LifeStyles was closed. Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Q: Will we be refunded for the portion of March that we were charged for and unable to use due to closure starting March 16?

A: LifeStyles has placed a half-month of membership dues credit on each primary member’s account. This credit will be applied the next time monthly dues are charged. Also, all memberships were placed on a billing freeze for the entire time we were closed.

Q: Is it possible to leave my membership on hold once LifeStyles is able to open back up?

A: LifeStyles will offer all members the ability to extend their freeze for 30, 60, or 90 days, if you are not comfortable with the facility once we are given the “OK” to open our doors.

Q: Can I cancel my LifeStyles membership if I do not feel comfortable rejoining the facility?

A: LifeStyles is taking cancellation requests on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration health concerns when it comes to COVID-19.

Please reach out directly to our Membership Services Coordinator, Evan Pagliei, if you have any further questions, concerns, or would like to talk about your membership. Please call 201-316-8436, or email