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November 2019 

It’s Time for A Re-evaluation!

Fall is here. Time to shake out the cobwebs and change up your exercise routine to break out of your fitness plateaus and successfully achieve your goals!

A re-evaluation consists of: 

  • The same fitness assessments performed when you joined, which includes body composition, cardiovascular, muscle strength and endurance, and flexibility tests. See how much you’ve improved!

  • New exercise program to help keep you motivated and improving on your exercise goals!

A re-evaluation is important because:

  • The human body is always adapting to stress. When you perform the same exercise routine over time you start to plateau, seeing less progress towards your goals.

  • Your exercise routine could start to feel monotonous and boring, preventing you from getting to the gym as often.

  • Measurements included in the re-evaluation are a great way to keep track of your progress and provide motivation to continue achieving your goals!

  • Sign up for your re-evaluation with one of our exercise specialists at the Fitness Desk.


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